MIDEL in the media

Apr 9th, 2018

Listing of MIDEL articles and content in our industry media:

Industrial Fire Journal: Cool Transformers (Pg 56) 4 April 2018

Energy Voice: Why extending asset life will be key 22 March 2018

Middle East Utilities: Playing with Fire (Pg 50) 19 March 2018

Industry Networker: The growing threat of the world’s ageing transformer fleets 15 March 2018

Oil & Gas Middle East: Playing with Fire (Pg 38) 13 March 2018

Energising the Industry – Middle East Electricity: Ageing Transformer Fleets 1 March 2018

Electrical Times: Ageing transformers fleets 22 Feb 2018

Electrical Trade Magazine: Talking about our ageing transformer fleet 14 Feb 2018