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Introducing MIDEL

The full range of MIDEL ester transformer fluids – now available in the USA. Recognized for outstanding performance across the world, MIDEL leads the way in delivering fire safety and environmental protection for power and distribution transformers. Our range of natural and synthetic esters offer a game-changing alternative to conventional transformer oils. MIDEL natural esters are now manufactured in the USA – ensuring a secure supply chain and delivering the ultimate in risk mitigation and cost savings, with no limit to the range of applications.

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Beyond fluid

As a global supplier of ester transformer fluids, we understand the bottom line. Choice. Logistics. Technical support. Proven performance.

Can you competitively source the best quality esters?

Can you be sure the fluid you order will arrive on time, wherever you need it?

Can you get reliable, expert advice, whenever you want it?

MIDEL guarantees a robust supply chain infrastructure. And together with our manufacturing partner, Valtris Specialty Chemicals, you can be assured of our dedicated service commitment.

Ester experts

We are passionate about transformer fluids, starting with our pioneering introduction of MIDEL ester transformer fluids in the 1970s. From initial concept to on-site installation, we support you every step of the way. Our knowledge, expertise and real-world experience in transformer fluids is unmatched.